Laughing always comes to Crying!

Next door to us, at number 21 Nottage Road, lived the Barry family. There was old Gran Barry, who was virtually blind and very elderly, and her two daughters, Elsie and May. Their brother, Ernie, lived opposite, and kept many chickens at No.21.

Our outside toilet was a square, brick building, with our toilet on our side, and the Barrys’ on t’other side. So we knew them quite well!!!

At the bottom of their garden, was their chicken shed. Goodness only knows how many hours I spent just watching the chickens, but even more so when there were newly-hatched chicks. They were so gorgeous! It was great seeing Mr. Barry collecting the eggs. But what we didn’t really like, was when he would slit one’s throat and hang it upside down on our fence! Poor buggers!

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that there was a waist-high wire fence between our gardens. Rhubarb and Mint grew at the fence and, to ensure proper separation at that point, Mr. Barry placed a tin sign facing us. It was this sign:-

It must have been about 3 feet across, by about 2 feet high. I always reckoned that my Mum got it backwards because she was always chiding us with, “Laughing always come to crying!” And it usually did!!!

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