St. Peter’s Church Hall

Longtime readers will have read about my exploits at St. Peter’s Church and the adjacent Church Hall – which my brother, Wiss Hixson and I inadvertently set fire to when we were lads. Well, it has been recently rebuilt as it had outlived it’s lifespan, and now holds many functions within it’s spacious interior. This week, it had an ‘Arts Fair’ and my brother, Bilbow the artist, exhibited four of his pics. Here, he and I pose for the camera with his pics!

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4 thoughts on “St. Peter’s Church Hall

  1. Billy Bowen

    Now that is what I call a GOOD blog ! The painting nearest you wasbought by a Lady living in High Pool Road, or Close, she has been outto Africa to visit her daughter on a few occasions, I think her name isJan Enwright, (its definately Jan something!) Bill

    Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 09:22:18 +0000 To:

    • dickiebo

      Definitely! NOT definately. Don’t you remember Jeanne always saying ‘defin-eye=tely!

  2. Beautiful works of art, Bilbow! The name Saint Peters Church caught my eye since that is the name of the church bordering our property Saint Peters By-the-Sea. Our family donated the property and our community built the church with the lumber from the wreck of a ship headed to England.

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