The Original Newton Wolf Cubs

The original Newton Wolf Cubs were run by Akela – Betty Sivertsen (nee Evans) and Jeanne Griffin. I have used the names from an article by Betty for the Mumbles Book, and the comments are mine.

A few years later, about 1942/3, I joined the cubs and was ‘Seconder’ of Green Six!

White Six

Malcolm Smith

Aka Mits, aka Gruber. Lived at the bottom of Nottage Road and was goalkeeper for Mumbles Baptist Football Team.

Kenneth Jones

Quietest bloke I ever did meet. Always dressed immaculately in a smart suit. Lived at the top of Newton Road and ‘went steady’ with my sister, Margaret, for years.

Gordon Greaves

Older of two brothers who lived at 27 St.Peter’s Road. (Next door to the lovely June Culverhouse, whose Dad was an ARP Warden during the war!)

Bernard Fisher

Afraid I don’t remember Bernard.

Derek Topham

Lived between Strathmore and Langland Corner. Bilbow is still in touch with his younger bro who now lives in Canada. Derek is still local, and owns Gower Eggs Farm.

Owen Denning

Very quiet lad who lived in Slade Road.

John Bowen

Aka Siwn! Older bro of the legendary Frank – our gang leader. Lived next door but one to us in Nottage Road. Worked on the railways – G.W.R. – as a fireman.

John Pickard

Lived at very top of Newton Road, by my Gran’s. Became a local police Superintendent, then Clerk to Mumbles Community Council. Still lives locally.

Billy Jones

The Jones family lived near the top of Newton Road!


Black Six

Derek Greaves

Bro of Gordon above. Became a local Estate Agent and a Captain of Langland Bay Golf Club.

Donald John

Aka ‘Wobban’! Tried to turn me into a goalkeeper but with no success. After 50-odd years, I recently bumped into him in Swansea! His family lived in Whitestone Lane, near George Owen’s farm. His Dad supped a few with mine at Iori Evans’ pub, the Newton Ship and Castle.

Howard Dando

Don’t recall Howard, I’m afraid.

Brian Shaw

Lived a few doors up from my Gran.

Barry Pace

Sorry. Didn’t know him!

Martin Thomas

Readers may recall Martin and his family – Panda Thomas – in my article on Marytwill Lane. (On )

Terry Saunders

This one surprised me as the only chap of this name who I knew, lived in Mumbles. A ginger-haired lad who went into the coal mines at a very young age. I was earning £1-50p per week as a junior pay clerk, and he told me that he was ‘on’ £18 per week!


Green Six

Brian Evans

‘Ben’ was one of the ‘Stirling Evans’s’ and lived at the bottom of Newton Road – in Newton, not Mumbles! His sister, Betty, ran the cubs, and married Werner Sivertsen, a Mayor of Swansea. Ben was an electrician and owned his own business. Died far, far too young.

Lewis Jones

Lived in Newton Road, near the police station. Went into the R.A.F. and was tragically killed in a fighter-plane crash soon afterwards. I don’t think his Mum ever recovered from the dreadful news. Brother, Peter, was a local cop and still lives locally.

Jack Stack

Well, what can I say? Jackie was the lad. A lovely, irrepressible, tearaway type. Another who has featured on my blog, when he ‘borrowed’ my handkerchief one day!!! Lived with Ernie Kift and Mrs Kift next to Jim Davies’s garage in Newton Road, opposite the Rock and Fountain pub.

Norman Davies

Not sure who he is, but just may be from Langland Corner area.

Clifford Bessant

Lived in Whitestone Lane, where his sister Margaret still lives. Cliff was one of the first ‘telegram boys’ on their bicycles delivering telegrams. Became a local postman and I still see him around. Cliff saw active service in the Korean War. Full credit.

Philip George

‘Pip’ still lives locally and is heavily connected to Mumbles Cricket Club, after ‘umpiring’ for many years. He lived in Southwards Land and his very long garden backed directly onto ours. Lovely apple trees for scrumping. His Dad was the ticket Inspector on the Swansea – London train. When I was learning to play the trumpet (in our garden) Pip’s Dad would come into theirs, banging a drum!!!

Campbell Shaw

Bro to Brian above. His claim to fame – at least, as far as I am concerned – was that he was Captain of our Cubs’ football team when we played a challenge game against Mumbles Cubs, led by Larry Owen. In the park was a small concrete square for some purpose or other. About 2 feet square. I remember him frogmarching me onto that just before kick-off, saying, “This is your position. DON’T MOVE FROM IT” So I didn’t. For 90 bloody minutes!!! I was right peed off!


Brown Six

Eric Evans

Bro to Brian above. Served in the R.A.F. Died very young.

Keith Richards

Lived at 16 St.Peter’s Road. Became a local Estate Agent and still lives locally, in a smashing detached house overlooking Underhill Park. His Dad always used to have the latest-model Vauxhall car – when cars did not all have the same shape.

Anthony Jones


Victor Collier

Lived right up the top of Whitestone Lane. His sister, Shirley, was one of my sister Doreen’s best friends. Victor had a career in the R.A.F., ending up with the commendable rank of Squadron Leader. Still around, and our paths sometimes cross, like at the Newton Inn, or perhaps, the doctor’s surgery!!!!

Beres Crowther

Lived, with bro Geoff, in Newton Road, near the police station.

Peter Howell

A Nottage Road boy! His Dad regularly went crabbing, and usually dropped one or two crabs into us for the old man! Peter lives in Oz and, out of the blue, I was recently in touch with him. (The power of blogging!) My memory of Peter will always be of the very long green and white Swansea University scarf that he proudly wore.

Ivor Owen

Son of George Owen, the Whitestone Lane farmer. His Mum always won the Womens’ Institute award for ‘Best Sponge-cake’ much to the chagrin of my Mum, who always came 2nd! His sister Valerie is my age and we were good mates as kids. Val and her hubby, Alan Peters, still are local, living at Summerland Lane. (Tells me that she loves living there.)

Peter Morris

Lived in Slade Road, but moved to a chicken farm in Parkmill later. Was a stalwart of the Scouts in Mumbles later on. Was recently in touch, living in Monmouth – I think!!! Pete’s bro, John – ‘J’ – had chronic asthma and very sadly died very young. He really was a smashing bloke – one of the very best, despite his rotten bloody illness. Worked for Atlas Sprinklers. (I mention that because ‘J’ always joked about it!)


Yellow Six

Michael Culverhouse

Lived at 29 St.Peter’s Road. Lovely sister, June.

Jeffrey Crowther

Older bro of Beres above.

Peter Holbrook

Lived in Chapel Lane – alongside Paraclete.

Leonard Holbrook

Bro of Peter.

John Plant

Lived at the bottom of Nottage Road. His ‘claim to fame’ was that he was one senior to me in the church choir!!!!! I think his sister married one of the Yanks who were stationed at the top of the road during the war. Most of the unfortunate souls lost their lives on D-Day.

Eric Rosser

Where shall I start? I think I shall do a blog on Eric’s family. They lived at the foot of Newton Road. Bro Donny is still local (in his 80s) and I frequently see him.

James Barry

Jim lived in Nottage Road. He played soccer for Mumbles Baptist alongside Terry Medwin. Jim was the finest player I ever saw who couldn’t make the pro game because of a serious injury he sustained at Underhill Park – whilst I was watching! His relatives lived next door to us and kept chickens. I loved to watch them especially the eggs they laid and the new, yellow, fluffy chicks! Didn’t like it when Ernie (Jim’s Dad) slit the chickens’ throats and hanged them upside down on the fence to bleed to death! Jim was another Captain of Langland Bay Golf Club.

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