The Rossers!

Well, I mentioned previously the Rosser family and said that I would say more about them, so……………..

Ivor and Winnie lived with their two sons, Donny and Eric, in the house, set back from the road, in Newton Road, near the junction with Nottage Road. To get to the house, you had to climb up a green, grassy bank!

Mrs Rosser – Winnie – was quite a woman. She was very short, and thin, and always wore one of those ‘wrap-around’ pinafores, and invariably had a hairnet on! She reckoned that she could tell your fortune from the tea-leaves in your cup, so was often in our house doing just that for my mother!!! But, she did have another reason for being there! She would make me scratch her ruddy back! – All over! I didn’t like doing it, but between them, Winnie and my mother would convince me that it was the decent thing to do! They would be chatting away, non-stop, during the torment session, so I could hardly hear the old radio that we had, and would probably be missing the Goon Show, or Dick Barton, or some such wonderful programme of those days.

Upon completion of the session, Winnie would take her leave, uttering the usual, “See you on Saturday” to me. Why Saturday? Well………………every Saturday morning, I had to go to Winnie’s house. There I would collect her ‘accumulator’ (battery thingamejig for the radio) to take down to Mumbles to be ‘charged up’ at Ellis and Thomas, on the front, and collect an already charged-up accumulator to take back to Winnie. As well as that little task, she would give me two library books to be returned to the library in The Dunns (still going strong!), and would always say, “They will give you two to fetch back! They know what I want.”  Bloody love stories!

For these tasks, Winnie would give me a shilling – a lot of dough! Part of the money was for the bus, but I always walked – obviously – so that I would have more to spend on sweets.

Ivor was some sort of manual worker, perhaps a bricklayer, or something similar, as was Donny. Not sure what Eric did but I do remember him going into the R.A.F. and proudly walking around in his silly RAF uniform! About a hundred years later, when I joined Fairwood Park Golf Club, our paths, incredibly, crossed again and Eric said that he liked nothing better than to reminisce with us (Bilbow) about those days.

Sadly, all have now passed except Donny, who I regularly see passing our house with his partner. Well into his eighties, he is remarkably active. Good stock from Newton!

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2 thoughts on “The Rossers!

  1. Oh memories !! but Donny was a carpenter !


    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 13:40:17 +0000 To:

    • dickiebo

      Yes, you’re right Bill. I just was thinking of him amongst the bricks when they were building ‘Armadale’!

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