Mumbles Square

Train-Square ticket office-shelter 1951m

Mumbles Square Bus Terminus

mumbles train (2)

Mumbles Train

I’ve just gotta tell you about that day in ‘The Square’ at Mumbles. The year would have been probably in the mid ’40s and i would have been a mere boy. Had to be, ‘cos of what happened to me!

We would wait for ‘the Newton bus’ at the first of the bays – next to the hoardings. On the other side of the hoardings ran the Mumbles Railway and. of course, people would be waiting there for the train.

So, there I was, with my mother, waiting for the bus and things were altogether pretty boring for a lad like moi. So, I decided to see who was waiting for the train, and poked my head through the slit which is arrowed in the above pic. All very well until………the time came to withdraw my head!!!!! OMG! Stuck. Well and truly. And there was definitely no way that my ears would come back through the gap. Sheer blind panic. It did not really help matters that I’m hopelessly claustrophobic – and have a very loud voice, as do all small boys!

People came running, some to my front end and some to my rear end. All tried, in vain, to remove me from the infernal slit. Some tried to re-assure me, some tried to stop others from ‘dragging’ my head through the gap, some even made suggestions, like… the Fire Brigade (despite there being no telephones as there are today!) and ‘call the South Wales Transport Inspector’. Lord knows what he could have done.

Eventually, somebody ran across the square – I think to Fortes’ Ice Cream Parlour – and got a tin of vaseline. Liberal helpings applied to the ears and surrounding areas had the desired effect and Dickie was released from his imprisonment. Nothing to see here. Move along!

For days afterwards, a few ‘local workmen’ (who don’t seem to exist anymore, do they?) would look at me and say, in a very superior voice, “You won’t be doing that again, now will you?” Smart arses! Could have happened to anyone.

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4 thoughts on “Mumbles Square

  1. “…and got a tin of vaseline. Liberal helpings applied to the ???…”
    We darn’t mention Vaseline in those days without a roar of laughter and a nudge in the side.
    I wonder why?

  2. Lololololol!
    I never once did that one, 😀

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