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Remember Bath Nights?

When we were kids, our bath was very similar to this one. I had 4 sisters – all older than me – and a younger bro. The bath was kept in the garden, and would be carried into our ‘front’ room, placed in front of the coal fire, and some kettles boiled for the hot water.

Bilbow and I would have to go and sit in the back room – cold, and with no lights – whilst the girls were bathing. We would then have our turn, with the girls interested spectators. We never really understood why the girls could stay whilst we bathed, but not t’other way round! Now, of course, we know that ‘Mother knew best!’


During bathtime, we would be listening to Dick Barton, Special Agent, and his sidekick Snowy, on the radio, or perhaps Radio Luxembourg signals drifting in and out!

Gosh! I still remember the stink of the girls ‘Toni’ perm lotion! ┬áStank the house out. Bilbow and I, after our baths, would have the pleasure of having a boiling-hot kaolin poultice applied to wherever on our poor bodies it was needed. Do you remember the smell of the kaolin poultice? Very specific. Actually, I liked the smell. Not so the ‘application’! We would yell the house down!

Very nice of the Germans that they never bombed us during bathtimes!

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