Very ancient soul who laboured in the Police/Security industries and now sees no hope for our once great country.

Former Black belt & Chief Instructor at Kung Fu. (With Baron Omidi.)

Advanced Metropolitan Police Driver.

Qualified Police Marksman.

Member Institute of Professional Investigators.

Member International Institute of Security.

Member International Institute of Risk & Safety Management.

Diploma in Safety Management.

(All now sadly lapsed of course!).

  • Dickiebo was born at the outbreak of war, and has very clear memories of that time. Left school at 16, thick as 2 short planks, and pursued a career in the Police, – Cadets, Royal Military Police in Hong Kong, Met Police until 1975, then as a Security Professional and, later, a Health & Safety Manager.
  • Other jobs have included being a public house tenant in a village – Eynsham – in Oxfordshire,
  • Group Security Officer for the Royal Free Hospital Group, Hampstead, London,
  • Regional Director for Wales, the South, and the West, for Centuryan Security Ltd (part of the O.C.S. Group), and
  • Deputy Head of Security for the then Bass Brewing empire. (Including several years as H & S Manager of Cardiff Brewery).

Now nicely settled into a daily routine of doing nothing, I believe that I have finally succeeded.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sue

    Hello Dickiebo. I was just reading your memories of old Newton and noticed that you have written about my late uncle Frank Bowen, your “Boyhood leader”. I am the daughter of his late sister, Bunty. I was talking to Frank’s sister, Grace today, and she was asking if Margaret Hixon is still in Newton? She used to live at 60 Nottage Rd, I think, and was Grace’s friend when they were young. Any idea?

    Regards, Sue Rees

    • Hi Sue,
      Gosh I remember Bunty very well indeed. Not surprising as we lived at 19 Nottage and the other Bowens lived at 23! I remember Bunty moved into Peter Howells old house in Nottage. I’m still in touch with him in Oz! Didn’t Bunty marry Alf Grainger?
      Grace, Margaret Hixon and my sister Pat were all good friends in those days. All still alive, though Margaret is failing since she lost her husband – Danny Sheehan. She still lives in 60 Nottage.
      If you want any more info, Sue, you can get me at dickiebo@ntlworld.com

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