Very ancient soul who laboured in the Police/Security industries and now sees no hope for our once great country.

Former Black belt & Chief Instructor at Kung Fu. (With Baron Omidi.)

Advanced Metropolitan Police Driver.

Qualified Police Marksman.

Member Institute of Professional Investigators.

Member International Institute of Security.

Member International Institute of Risk & Safety Management.

Diploma in Safety Management.

(All now sadly lapsed of course!).

  • Dickiebo was born at the outbreak of war, and has very clear memories of that time. Left school at 16, thick as 2 short planks, and pursued a career in the Police, – Cadets, Royal Military Police in Hong Kong, Met Police until 1975, then as a Security Professional and, later, a Health & Safety Manager.
  • Other jobs have included being a public house tenant in a village – Eynsham – in Oxfordshire,
  • Group Security Officer for the Royal Free Hospital Group, Hampstead, London,
  • Regional Director for Wales, the South, and the West, for Centuryan Security Ltd (part of the O.C.S. Group), and
  • Deputy Head of Security for the then Bass Brewing empire. (Including several years as H & S Manager of Cardiff Brewery).

Now nicely settled into a daily routine of doing nothing, I believe that I have finally succeeded.

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